The School Council 2016-17

Year One:  Lucas and Heidi            Year Two: Heidi and  Lily

Year Three:  Zac and  Eva                  Year Four:  Maisie and Ayran

Year Five:  Reece and Ruby          Year Six:  Ian and Lila

Year Six representing Reception: Conleth and Louie

CHRISTMAS GIFTS  Advent 2016                                                  SPECIAL VISITOR   2nd December

We packed and wrapped boxes to be sent to                           Louise Ellman (MP) came to talk to the School

the children in Fr Emmanuel’s parish in                               Council about issues that they think are important

Ghana. The children made Christmas cards                        in our area. One big concern was about traffic and

for the children in each class. We hope they                        and parking in Tramway Road. The Council had lots

arrive in time for Christmas.                                                    of suggestions and questions for Mrs Ellman, who

                                                                                                                 very friendly and helpful.

pic-2                                               louise-ellman