Congratulations to our Oddizzi Champions! 

Year 2: Gold – Caitlin, Silver – Max

Year 3: Gold – Archie, Silver – Charlie

Year 4: Gold – Ruby, Silver – Ayran

Year 5: Gold – Kenzie, Silver – Alfie F

Year 6: Gold – Jessica, Silver – Caitlin

The new school champion is…….

Ruby (Year 4) with an awesome score of 47,631!

 Will you be our next Oddizzi champion?


 We’ve been published!

Primary Geography

Following a hugely successful study on the River Mersey in LKS2, our  Year 5 class made a movie about a lost seal.  Their short film explains the features of a river, then plots the route of Dumbledore the seal, who found his way to Newton-le-Willows.  The innovative movie caught the attention of the Geographical Association and  Mrs Mansell was invited to write an article about their work called Rivers in Reverse  .

Watch A Journey Along the River Mersey’


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 World Jigsaw     Mapzone Games    Map Symbols and Keys     Landscapes Maps and Symbols 

   Maps and Grid References    Simple Coordinates     OS Symbols 

For more information on our geography topics through the school, click on the geography link on each class page!