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Our Music teacher Mrs Langford delivers music sessions each week. She is currently working with Years 3 and 4.


Last Term Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed learning new sounds and experimenting with different musical instruments.








In February we took part in Sign2Sing 2017.


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Extra Curricular



Our School Choir

Mrs Langford practises with our school choir each Tuesday. Our School Choir are currently practising for an end of year performance.

Music Extravaganza 18.7.17



In June, 14 members of our school choir performed at ‘The Good Shepherd Mass’ in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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Peace Proms


In January our school choir performed at Peace Proms in the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Image result for music Please Click on the Icon to access the ‘Peace Proms’ songs at home.

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On  Saturday 28th January our school choir performed at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

They absolutely loved the experience and sang their hearts out. Well done everyone!

Click on the image above to read an article about the event from Educate Magazine.




Outside Companies 



We have enjoyed performances from Key strings…


and Presto Music…

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