Welcome topic – Isioma’s Baptism click the link to download the story of Isioma’s baptism.


Everyone gathered at the church for baby Isioma’s baptism.

The priest welcomed everyone to the mass.


The baby’s parents joined the priest at the baptismal font.  The priest asked the parents “What name do you give your child?”  The parents replied “We name him Isioma.”


The godparents joined the baby at the baptismal font.


Baby Isoma’s parents and godparents promised that they would help him to be a friend of Jesus.  The priest poured water over the baby’s head and said “Isioma, I baptise you.”


Isioma’s godparents lit a special candle for him that the priest had given them.  Isioma is now a friend of Jesus and his family will always hep him to be a good friend.  Isioma has been welcomed into God’s family through his baptism.



Fr. James came into school to talk with us about baptism and help us to understand that baptism is how the church welcomes someone in to God’s family.






Below are some pictures to talk about at home – click the link to access them


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