Autumn 2016: We are Aigburth

Aigburth is fantastic and we want to tell everyone about it!

We are having a terrific time looking at maps of our local area and finding out more about the services available in our local community.  We will be thinking about the human and physical features of our area and taking a field trip to make field maps of what we find.  We will complete out topic by making a leaflet to promote all the wonderful features of Aigburth to show everyone what we have discovered.


Spring 2017: All Around the World

What should we know before we go?

Our world is like a fantastic adventure waiting to be discovered!  Year 3 will be setting out on a breath-taking journey around our world discovering continents and countries full of amazing features, people and animals.  We won’t be alone, as we’ll be taking Flat Stanley along for the ride and deciding which country he would most like to visit and why.

Hold on tight!

Interesting websites:

Oddizzi – Explore the World     LOGIN: year3     PASSWORD: charles

National Geographic – Games       World Geography Games     Mapzone Games