Land Use: Changes in our local area 

After considering land use in England, we have been taking a closer look at how land is used in our local area.  We have been learning how to draw sketch maps and noting how our local maps will alter to reflect the new development next door.  Elan Homes is building 40 houses with 10 driveways opening out onto Tramway Road next to the school.                Elan Homes Planning Layout

With so much happening, we have formed a plan together to take a closer look at how the new development will impact the school and our most important priority:

How can we keep everyone safe to and from their way to school?

Changes in our Local Area Investigation

Creating sketch maps of the local area

Today we headed out into the local streets to work on sketch maps.  We followed Tramway Road  and discovered how Nielsen Road stops where St Michael’s School has their playground.  We also discovered St Michael’s Hall and speculated on what this might have been built for in 1887. 

On our return to school, we took a closer look at the work progressing next door with Elan Homes and measured the distance from where the driveways will begin, to the side of our school.


GO Compare: Our European Neighbours

Year 4 have been enjoying using their atlases to locate Europe on a map and research some of the human and physical features within this fascinating continent.  We have found out the names of many of the countries in Europe and have compared the capital cities of England and France.  We are currently taking a closer look at a selection of different European countries and researching interesting facts about them.


Oddizzi                      Information on Italy              Information on Ireland     Information on Russia          Information on Germany         

Information on Spain   Interesting facts about Spain      Interesting facts about Turkey        Interesting facts about Russia

Extreme Earth

Why does the earth shake, rattle and roll?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your feet?  This is a great opportunity to discover what our planet is really like when at it’s most extreme.  Year 4 will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in this action-packed study of our fascinating world!

Volcanoes & Earthquakes Websites:

BBC Volcanoes         National Geographic Volcanoes      Volcanoes Woodlands         

Earthquakes Ring of Fire        National Geographic earthquakes     CBBC earthquakes


Other Geographical Websites:

National Geographic – Games       World Geography Games     Mapzone Games   The Newspaper    Children’s BBC Newsround   

Primary School Geography Encyclopedia   Name parts of UK / Europe and World   Ambleweb Label UK    Ambleweb Label Europe

Name continents and oceans    Name the countries     World Jigsaw     Mapzone Games   Map Symbols and Keys   

 Landscapes Maps and Symbols     Maps and Grid References    Simple Coordinates     OS Symbols