The Impact of the Romans on Britain

What was the impact of the Romans in Britain?  What evidence can we find for their influence today?

Year 4 will travel back to 43AD and find out about why Julius Caesar sent Roman soldiers to Britain.  We will investigate the outcomes of these first invasions and the reactions of the Celtic tribes.  We will take on the roles of different characters such as Boudicca and the governor Tiber and consider how the invasions affected different people. We will learn about Roman roads and plot them on a map of Britain as well as consider the amazing engineering skills that the Romans also brought to our shores.

The Roman Empire      The Roman Army     How did the Romans change Britain? 

How the Romans conquered Britain


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Crime & Punishment

What do we mean by the ‘long arm of the law’?  Year 4 will be considering this question and many others as they look back into the past to find out how our law system was developed through the ages.