Week 8 – Swimming in Maths

Y4 SIM 3 15.06 Year 4 SIM2 15.06  Y4 SIM 2 15.06

Week 4 – Swimming in Maths

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Blue group working systematically to prove their mathematical prediction!  

Week 3 – Swimming in Maths

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  Well done to Jack today who explained to his group how they could prove their answer!

Week 2 – Swimming in Maths


Working together 

to solve a problem 

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Symmetrical Patterns on the yard

This week we have been learning about symmetry.  We made symmetrical patterns on the yard with various pieces of equipment.  We had lots of fun and got to work in teams!

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 Swimming in Maths – Mastery problem solving

IMG_0448[1] Year 4 Mastery problem solving
 IMG_0449[1]  IMG_0450[1]

Jessica explains how to use short division