Summer 1 – Painting

In our painting topic this half term the children will produce multi-surface images in response to Chris Ofili. They will apply their experiences of materials and processes and develop their control of tools and techniques. The children will compare ideas, methods and approaches in Fauvist paintings and use a sketchbook to develop ideas in response to Fauvist imagery. Throughout the children will review and modify their work and mix, match and extend colours and patterns.


Spring 1 – 3D

This half term we will respond to the figurative sculptures of Alberto Giacometti and produce sculptural stick forms in response to his work. We will use modroc (plaster bandage) as a sculptural material and review the figures and say what they think and feel about them. The children will record the process from concept to completed sculptures in sketchbook.


Autumn 1 2017 – Drawing and Printing 

This half term we will be:

  • Printing using a single tile in yellow, then red, then blue.
  • Enlarge and develop own work using layering methods 
  • Investigate and collect visual information from Hundertwasser 
  • Select and enlarge drawings and use a variety of mark makers 
  • Work in the negative by using rubbers to remove graphite work and the ‘rubber’ tool on the computer
  • Use positive and negative drawing techniques in response to the work of Frank Auerbach

11.09.17 This week we have chosen our own theme from sea, sports, animals, countries or space and designed a 10cm x 10cm image on paper which we produced on a polystyrene tile and printed using yellow paint.

18.09.17 This week we will be adding to our image and reprinting using red paint and observing the different images in the different colours. We also investigate rotating and/or reflecting our layered image in our sketchbooks.

25.09.17 Finally we will be adding another layer to our prints in blue. We will also recreate our final print using Purple Mash drawing tool.