Autumn 2, 2018 – Frame Structures

During Autumn 2, we will be designing, making and evaluating frame structures. We will understand what structures are and how to make them stronger, stiffer and more stable. We will experience measuring, marking our, cutting, joining, shaping and finishing techniques and generate ideas and designs focusing on the needs of the user and using annotated sketches to develop, model and communicate ideas. We will be able to order the stages of making; select and use appropriate tools and use finishing techniques including decoration. Finally, we will investigate and analyse a range of existing frame structures and evaluate our ideas and products.


Spring 2, 2019 – Food, Celebrating Culture and Seasonality

During Spring 2 we will be working with food, celebrating culture and seasonality. The children will name some varied ingredients and say which part of the whole they come from. They will explain the different food groups on the eat well plate and how eating different ingredients gives us a varied and healthy diet and understand the benefits. The children will follow a recipe and use a wide variety of basic food skills – peeling, grating, chopping and dicing as well as the advance skill of baking to prepare some complex dishes. They will design, make, taste and evaluate a variety of ingredients and dishes from around the world, including Mexico, China and Germany.


Summer 2, 2019 – Electrical Systems 

The children will select tools, techniques and materials for making their product and suggest alternative ways that their product can be made. They will explore the sensory qualities of materials and how to use materials and processes including to measure, cut and shape a range of materials. The children will reflect on the progress of their work as they design and make, identifying ways they could improve their products. They will explore how the working characteristics of materials affect the ways they are used and how electrical circuits, including those with simple switches, can be used to achieve results that work.