Autumn 2016: Early Civilisations

What were the earliest civilisations like?  What evidence can we find about how people lived?  What impact are they still having on us today?

Looking back through time…….

We are looking back in history to find out about early civilisations.  We have used timelines to discover when these civilisations were at their height and world maps to find their locations.  We have looked at their writing systems and translated messages in the Phoenician alphabet!

Over the coming weeks we will be looking more closely at the Shang Dynasty, Ancient Sumer and the Indus Valley.  Use the links below to find out more about these fascinating civilisations.

THE SHANG DYNASTY: Shang Dynasty Introduction 1

The Shang Dynasty Video clip

Tang tomb figures

ANCIENT SUMER:  Introduction to Ancient Sumer 1

Ancient Sumerian Inventions

Ancient Sumer video clip

THE INDUS VALLEY: Indus Valley Civilisation Introduction

 Indus Valley Information

Indus Valley – What they did for us

The Indus Valley eBook – PDF

Autumn 2016: The Impact of the Romans in Britain

What was the impact of the Romans in Britain?  What evidence can we find for their influence today? 

Year 5 will travel back to 43AD and find out about why Julius Caesar sent Roman soldiers to Britain.  We will investigate the outcomes of these first invasions and the reactions of the Celtic tribes.  We will take on the roles of different characters such as Boudicca and the governor Tiber and consider how the invasions affected different people. We will learn about Roman roads and plot them on a map of Britain as well as considering the amazing engineering skills that the Romans also brought to our shores. 

 The Roman Empire      The Roman Army     How did the Romans change Britain? 

How the Romans conquered Britain


Some interesting websites:

Timemaps – timelines        Chronozoom – Explore Big History

Spring 2017: Anglo-Saxons


BBC – Anglo-Saxons    Sutton Hoo Virtual Tour    Recent Discovery – Treasures of a Saxon King
Saxons Crime and Punishment    Anglo Saxon Coins    Lore and Saga – Invaders

Summer 2017: The Maya

Find out about Maya gods here: Chichen-Itza Powerpoint Y5

Watch the BBC Bitesize clip about the Maya: Maya Civilisation

Find out about the special food that the Maya enjoyed: Maya Food Presentation