Autumn 1 2017

Stories by Significant Authors 

This half term we will be studying a significant author – Michael Morpurgo. We will be researching the author, expressing our opinions, discussing his style of writing and use of language as well as making visualising settings and making predictions about events that may happen there. We will make inferences about characters and write new scenes for the novel in the style of the author. We will also write a new story inspired by the author.

11.09.17 – We are reading A Medal for Leroy and have so far discovered that the main character is called Michael. We have predicted that Michael is trying to find out about his grandpa who fought and died in WWII.

25.09.17 – Poor Auntie Snowdrop has died but her sister Auntie Pish is going to send Michael a present. We wonder what it could be.

We will also be studying and writing more complex instructional texts. We will identify and understand the key features and conventions as well as evaluate the purpose, organisation and layout for clarity and usefulness.