Autumn 2016 – DT: Structures (Building Bridges)

Year 5 are investigating different types of bridges from the simple beam bridge to modern suspension bridges.  We will be considering the strength of differently shaped beams and exploring how we can make our art straw bridges stronger.  

 IMG_0382 IMG_0383     IMG_0384
 IMG_0389  IMG_0388  IMG_0387
 IMG_0386  IMG_0385  IMG_0381

Autumn 2016 – Art: Roman Clay Tiles

Complimenting our work in history on Romans this term, Year 5 will be creating their own unique Roman inspired clay tiles.  Using pictures of Roman artefacts and artwork, we will be designing our tile, thinking about arrangement and application of images.  We will be using new techniques to work with the clay such as  ‘hatching’ and using ‘slip’.  

Spring 2017 – Art: Printing

Year 5 will be considering the artwork of famous printers and explaining what they like and dislike about their work.  Inspired by their work and style of printing we will be exploring making artwork of our own using Styrofoam ‘plates’ and layers of paint.