Year 6 Parents’ Evening  23/3/16

Firstly, an apology for failing to get the letters out in time, this was a complete oversight on my part. Please find, below, the appointment list. If you find your time is not convenient then I am flexible on the day and may be able to fit you in another time. Additionally, I will make myself available on Tuesday evening after school and between 1:00pm and 3:15pm on Thursday afternoon.

Matthew – 5:40pm

Honor – 5:35pm

Faye – 5:30pm

Jack F – 5:25pm

Jack G – 5:20pm

Anna – 5:15pm

Elliot – 5:10pm

Dohyeon – 3:45pm

Ale – 3:30pm

Chloe – 5:05pm

Hassn – 5:00pm

Francesco – 3:35pm

Caidi – 3:40pm

Kamila – 4:55pm

Amy –  4:50pm

James – 4:45pm

Daniel P – 4:40pm

Patrick – 4:35pm

Luke – 4:30pm

James – 4:25pm

Kieran – 4:20pm

Megan – 4:15pm

Brooke – 3:50pm

Liam – 4:10pm

Harvey – 3:55pm

Thomas – 4:00pm

Daniel W – 4:05pm



Key Stage 2 visited the Epstein Theatre to watch “We Will Rock You”






Last year’s play leaders visit Pizza Express – Mrs. Moran organised a trip to Pizza Express as a ‘thank-you’ for the children’s hard work.  They were treated to a pizza-making masterclass before making their own pizza; scoffing them down soon as soon as they were ready.