Autumn 2016: Our great North American road trip

Following on from our history work on Victorians, we have been following émigrés who travelled to America, entering via Ellis Island in New York.  We thought it would be interesting to learn more about North America and find out about the continent that awaited our brave travellers.

How many countries are there in North America?  How many can you name?  What is the tallest mountain in North America?  What is the longest river?  What is the smallest country and the largest country in North America?  How many capital cities can you name?

Try the Oddizzi North America Quiz and test your knowledge on this fascinating continent!

Oddizzi North America –  Login: vikings    Password: Charles


Costa Rica    Presentation on Costa Rica  The Americas Video Clips   Mountain ranges in North America  

Presentation on Dominican Republic   World Atlas focus on North America    Dominican Republic

Cuba     Cuba facts   Canada               Mexico facts      USA facts      Guatemala

 Canada facts for children    Jamaica      Costa Rica     St Kitts and Nevis

Trinidad and Tobago    USA    North America


Spring 2017: Rivers

What is a meander or an ox-bow lake?  What do we call the beginning of a river?  What are the differences between the upper course and the lower course of a river?  We will be finding out the answer to all these questions and many more as we take our own journey down the river! 

All aboard!

Interesting websites:

BBC River clips       Stages of a river         Water Cycle game

Earthguide Water Cycle Game           World Rivers Game

Summer 2017: Coasts

Summer Challenge: What is the connection between Ainsdale and Christmas?

os ainsdale

It’s summer and what a great time of year to be studying the huge variety of coastlines around the UK and beyond.  From sandy beaches and ice creams to high cliff tops where the wind tosses your hair, the coast is a fascinating and exciting place to visit and learn about.  What would you like to find out?

Introduction to the coastline                    What are coasts and how are they formed?

OS Llandudno

Coastal vocabulary:

erosion, erode, landform, deposition, waves, wind, cliff, deposits, sediment, beach, sand, pebble, tide

Do you know what happens to our coastline over time?

Find out about the physical features of coasts and how erosion affect them: The Process of Erosion

BBC Explanation of erosion             How caves, arches and stacks are formed at the coastline

Coastal erosion        Strategies of Coastal Management