Spelling Tips

LSCWC Spellings 
Look Cover Write Check   
BBC Skillswise Tips on Spelling 
Spellits – Escape the Maze 
Spelling Practice 
Spelling Rule Songs 
‘ie’ or ‘ei’ 
Ambleweb ie or ei  
Confusing Words  
Confusing Words Quiz   
Proofreading BBC Skillswise 

Spelling Games KS2


Plurals Quiz 
Spellits – Y5 Catch that Horse 
Spellits – Y6 Catch that Thief 
Adding ed 
Plurals ‘s-es’ 
Plurals ‘y’ ending 
Plurals ‘f’ ending 
Plurals ‘o’ ending 
Irregular Plurals 
Mixed Plurals 
Plurals on Primary Resources 
BBC Skillswise plurals 

Prefixes and Suffixes

Spellits – Y6 Catch that Thief  
Compound Words 

More Compound Words 
Crick’s Compound Words 
Root words BBC Skillswise 
Root Words Quiz   
Prefixes BBC SKillswise   
Prefixes and suffixes 
‘tion’ or ‘sion’


BBC Starship – Make a Sentence
BBC Starship – Synonyms 
‘nice’ Synonyms 
Matching Word Golf  
Antonyms Quiz 1 
Antonyms Quiz 2 
Countdown Letters Game
More Synonyms
Synonyms for Said
Synonyms and Antonyms
Antonyms and synonyms – Primary Resources 
Powerful Verbs 

Alphabetical Order

Interactive Alphabet 
Letter Snap 
Alphabetical Adventure 
Order Alphabet 
Alphabetical Order 
Alphabet Order 
Alphabetical Order Quiz
Alphabetical Order Flash 
Alphabetical order Dictionary Design Game BBC Skillswise 


Homophones 2 
Homophones 3 
Homophones 4 
Homographs Game 
Homophones Match
Homophones 2
Homophones Activities
Ambleweb Homophones 1
Ambleweb Homophones 2
Ambleweb Homophones 3 

Contractions and Apostrophes

Contractions pairs games 
Contraction activities 
Beat the Clock Apostrophe game BBC skillswise 


BBC River Rhyming 
BBC Little Animals Rhyming game 
CVC Words 
CVC onset & rhyme 
CVC Word Picture Matching
Pirate Spelling 
cvc Maker 
cvc Wheels 
Pets cvc 
Wild West Phonics 
‘sh’ or ‘ch’ 
Sh and Ch 
Blends Wheels 
ll, ss, ck 
Vowel Phonemes  
Vowel Phonemes  
ee, oa oo  
‘er’, ‘ir’ or ‘ur’
Vowel Phonemes 
Rhyming Words
More Rhyming Words
BBC Words and Pictures – KS1
Phonic Wordsearches
Phonics – bingo cards

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Ambleside School on-line activities

Tes i-board

Children’s Storybooks Online

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