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Ancient Greeks

Anglia Campus – Greeks    BBC Ancient Greece    Birmingham Museum

The Greeks    Greek Artefacts    Winged Sandals    Malvins Close School website

Lancashire ngfl Herakles    Ancient Greece web enquiry    Greek Myths

British Museum – Olympics    BBC Olympia    Scholastic Go for the Gold

Ancient Greece Webquest    Greek Quiz    

Who wants to be an Ancient Greek Millionaire? Quiz


The Elizabethan Poor    Tudor Life    Virtual Tudor House

Tudor Houses    Inside the Hall    Life in the Hall

A Tudor Feast    Tudor Kitchen    Tudor Food

Create a Tudor Room    BBC Famous People – Henry VIII

Henry VIII Word Enquiry    Henry & his 6 wives

Henry’s Wives   Tudor Kings and Queens    Tudor Monarchs 

Tudor Royalty    Tudor History    Channel 4 History Essentials – Explorers

The Mary Rose    BBC Tudor Street    The Tudors    Tudor Pictures 3    

Play Tudor Joust    Tudor Exploration game    Tudor Investigations

Tudors cyberhunt    Timeline Quiz    Tudor Timeline quiz

Tudor Times – Battlestar quiz    Tudor Quiz    Tudor Exploration Quiz

History Learning Site – Tudors    Tudor Times     Early Instruments

Henry VIII Court Rules    Tudor Times    Photos    Tudor Pictures 2


BBC – Anglo-Saxons    Sutton Hoo Virtual Tour    Recent Discovery – Treasures of a Saxon King
Saxons Crime and Punishment    Anglo Saxon Coins    Lore and Saga – Invaders


The Vikings    Jorvik Viking Centre    BBC Explore a Viking house or Roman street

Take the Viking quest challenge    Explore a Viking Village    BBC Viking Farm Virtual Tour

Saxons and Vikings cyberhunt    Viking Quiz    BBC History The Vikings


BBC The Romans in Britain    Nettlesworth School -The Romans    Who were the Romans?

Romans and Celts   Boudicca’s Revolt    Roman Britain Quiz    Romans Alien Hangman

The Romans – CLEO    Birmingham Museum    Artefacts    Roman Photo Gallery

Roman Baths Game    Be a Roman Detective    BBC Roman Fort Virtual Tour

Roman Murals and Mosaics    BBC Roman Mosaics Gallery    BBC Hadrian’s Wall Gallery

Roman Gladiator Web Book    Romans cyberhunt    Romans Quiz    Horrible Histories

Ancient Egypt

Introducing Egypt    The Egyptians    Egyptians    BBC Pyramids Gallery

Welcome to Neferchichi’s     Egyptian Mummy Web Book    BBC Gods Gallery

Egyptian Artefacts    Actis Egyptian Artefacts    BBC Tutankhamun Treasures Gallery

BBC Animals Gallery    Ancient Egyptian Clipart    Birmingham Museum

World War II

BBC World War 2    Nettlesworth School – Britain at War   The Home Front

News from the Home Front    Children in Wartime Archive    The Home Front Resources

Home Sweet Home    Learning Curve – Home Front    First hand accounts

Birmingham Museum    When and Where    Meet some Evacuees    Evacuees

The evacuation game    Shopping in the War    Clothes in the War    Life in the 2nd World War

BBC WWII Posters    War Posters    BBC War Movies    BBC Sound Clips    Film Clips