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Plants and Animals

The Life Cycle of Plants    How Plants Grow    Which Habitat?    Woodlands    

Living Things    Y6 Adaptation science clips    Pond Habitat games    Label a Plant   

Parts of a Plant    Plant Parts    Roots    Vegetable Labels    Fruit Labels    

Growing Plants   What do Plants Need to Grow?    Life Processes    Ducks and Frogs    

BBC Living Things   Y3 Helping Plants Grow science clips    Helping Plants Grow Well    Plant Growth    

Y3 Animal Food Graph    Plant Biology    Parts of a Flowering Plant    

Flowering Plant – Parts   Plants    Reproduction – Flowering Plants    Plant Reproduction   

The Great Plant Escape   Plant Quiz    Plant Life Cycle   Y5 Life cycles science clips   

Y5 Life Cycles slides    Y5 Plant Life Cycle    Life Cycle of Plants    Plant Life Cycle Quiz    

Life Cycles    Life Cycles & Food Webs    Y6 Micro-organisms science clips

What are Bacteria?    Bug Investigators   

Human Beings and Eating

How we Change as we grow BBC video    Name Body Parts    Label Body Parts

Body Functions    Body Systems    Y4 Moving and Growing science clips

Y4 Moving and Growing    Which bone?    Skeleton    Animal X-rays

Build a Skeleton    Skeletons and Muscles    Muscles Quiz  Y1 Ourselves science clips– Learn about staying healthy and looking after your health

Blast OFF – Food Pyramid Game    Y2 Health and Growth science clips    Y5 Keeping Healthy science clips

Why do we need to eat? BBC video    Create a Healthy Meal    Healthy Eating    Food and Health

The Healthy Balance    Make a healthy lunch box    Unmuddle the meals     Food Choices

Food Sources    Food Videos    Nutrition    Healthy Living    Balanced Plate

Food Family    Nutrition Cafe    Good to Eat    Kidshealth    Test Reaction Times


Y1 Sorting Materials science clips    Y1 Sorting and Using Materials    Sorting Materials

Y2 Grouping Materials science clips    Spoons – What Material?    What do we Wear?

Y3 Characteristics of Materials science clips    Y3 Stretchy Tights Excel

Y4 Solids and Liquids science clips    Solids, Liquids and Gases   

Solids, Liquids and Gases Animations    Solids, Liquids, Gases Quiz

Solids and Liquids Quiz    Thickness of Liquids    Test Thickness of Liquids

Solid, Liquid or Gas?    More Solids, Liquids and Gases    Y5 Gases Around Us science clips

Material Facts    Properties of Materials    Properties    Properties of Materials Quiz

Y3 Rocks and Soil science clips    Rocks and Minerals    Exploring Rocks    Exploring Soil

Physical Processes