The 2018 Year 6 trip to Colomendy is from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th June.

On Monday 11th, the children should come to school at the usual time, in their own clothes, bringing their case, pillow (if they want to bring their own), plus pocket money (maximum £10) in an envelope with their name on. They need to be able to manage their own luggage as everyone else will have their own to take – including the staff!

Please make sure children have a large carrier bag or similar for dirty clothes, and also a refillable water bottle with their name on.

After lunch on Monday,at around 1.30, we will be walking to the top of Tramway Road to meet the coach to take us to Colomendy. Parents are welcome to meet us on Aigburth Road to wave the children off.

We will be returning on Wednesday 13th, and should be back at the top of Tramway Road around 2.30-3pm, where parents/carers may collect the children. If any parent isn’t there, the children will walk down to school with the staff to await collection there. Children must be collected by an adult on Wednesday.