Gardening Club

After a well-earned rest for the winter, Gardening Club are looking forward to getting back outside in the EYFS Garden! There is plenty to do as we start the new season.    Our ‘Grow your Own Potatoes’ have arrived so we will be looking for a bright window ledge for ‘chitting’.   The beds need clearing and digging over, then we will get planning on what we would like to grow this year.  Runner beans are a favourite for their combination of height, flowers and produce.  We also all loved the stunning sunflowers last year whose seeds have provided welcome food for local birds over the winter.  Not forgetting the fragrant sweet peas and delicious strawberries!

Let’s remind ourselves of past glories as we look forward to the coming year!

WP_20150804_001 WP_20150804_005 WP_20150804_008
WP_20150804_009 WP_20150804_011 WP_20150804_017

The EYFS Garden in full bloom!


IMG_1086 IMG_1071 IMG_1084

Gardening Club Visit to the National Wildflower Centre 2016