Autumn 1, 2019 – Every Picture Tells a Story – Analysing famous artists’ work

This half term, the children will look at the meaning behind art, children: analyse the intentions of Banksy; make ink symmetry prints inspired by psychologist Rorschach; tell a story using emojis; use drama to recreate a poignant war scene and are inspired by the ceramic work of Magdalene Odundo, to work expressively.

Spring 1, 2020 – Formal Elements – Architecture

The children will learn how to draw from observation, create a print and draw from different perspectives. They will learn about the role of an architect and are challenged to consider why houses look the way they do and if there is scope to change and improve them.

Summer 1, 2020 – Design for a Purpose

In this topic, children are faced with the challenge of having to design to a specific criteria or specification, developing design ideas for a room interior, a coat of arms and product to fit a given name, children learn to draw inspiration from different sources and use a range of techniques to experiment with their different concepts