Autumn 2, 2019 – Electrical Systems: Electronic Greetings Cards

Electrical Systems builds on their knowledge of how to incorporate electrical circuits into products from Year 4, children explore how circuits can be adapted to suit different purposes. They will explore flat circuits using graphite or tape. They will also design and create light-up greetings cards in accordance with their own design criteria.

Spring 2, 2020 – Food: What Could be Healthier?

Focusing on nutrition, children research and modify a traditional bolognese sauce recipe to make it healthier. They will cook their new and improved versions, making appropriate packaging and also learn about the ethical considerations of farming cattle.

Summer 2, 2020 – Structure: Bridges

This topic develops children’s understanding of secure structures and introduces them to measuring, sawing and joining wood accurately. After learning about different types of bridges and also exploring how the strength of structures can be affected by the shapes used. Children create their own wooden bridge and test its durability.