Spring 2, 2019-2020 – Local Area

This half term, the children will investigate their local area focusing on its main human and geographical features and how they might be changing. They will use a range of geographical skill including the use of maps, observation and field sketches within the local area and will present information about their locality in different ways which can be compared to other localities covered.

Autumn 2, 2019-2020 – Trade and Distribution

This half term, the children find out about how goods and services are traded around the world. They will explore the UK’s trade links today and in the past, finding out about goods imported and exported and the methods of transport used. Through a more detailed look at one of the UK’s trade partners, the children will learn about the benefits of trading internationally, as well as the risks to this area. The children will also learn about fair trade and why it is important in a global market.