Online Safety and Concept Maps

We will be discussing online safety and  understanding the importance of keeping personal information safe as well as the issues concerning the reliability of sources and people online. We will use PurpleMash to learn and use the vocabulary of concept maps. We will create concept maps to help us explain our ideas and then use them in a variety of topics and subjects throughout the year. Year 5’s e-safety work using Purple Mash For the rest of the half term we will be creating concept maps on Purple Mash and linking them to our Science topic of Earth and Space. 

Starting Coding 

We will start/revise what we already know about coding/programming. We will learn how to combine start and click events to make a simple game. We will write programs so that we can change the direction of an object or move another object. We will program a sequence of actions and make simple animation for our game. We will learn how to use conditional ‘if’/’if hit’ statements; variables to keep track of the score and use a loop to make space animation.

3D Modelling

We will use 2Design and Make on Purple Mash to explore different viewpoints whilst designing a building and  the effect of moving points when designing a vehicle. We will learn how to edit a 3D polygon model to design for a purpose – ie packaging and then refine and prepare our models for printing as a 2D net to then create a 3D model.


The children will use spreadsheets to convert formulae to convert measurements; use the ‘how many?’ tool; work out area and perimeters of rectangles, create simple formulae that use different variables and model a real-life situation and form a solution which van be practically applied


This term the children will use Espresso Coding to set values in code to program the speed of an object and change an object’s direction and heading to create a driving game and a sailing game. The children will learn to change its co-ordinates to move it around, make an object rotate to the orientation (angle) of an iPad and set friction to effect the speed and movement of a car in a driving game. They will then design and make an app assigning values in code to control the movement of objects.