Message from our headteacher, Mrs Dean

The school hubs are now open for the children of Key Workers because their work is critical to the UK’s COVID-19 response and we are proud and happy to do so.
To those parents who notified us that they are key workers, I make this heart felt plea to please think of the following each and every day:
DO NOT send your child if there is someone else at home who can look after them.
DO NOT send your child if you have a day off.
DO social distance yourself as much as possible if your child is going to be in school.
DO keep them at home if they, yourself or someone you have been around has the symptoms of coronavirus.
The staff in the hub schools are there to help those who really need somewhere for their child to go while their parents continue to do those really important jobs needed during this pandemic, NOT to be free childcare.
The staff do not have the luxury many others have, to decide to social isolate themselves, with many having to put their own children into hubs to enable them to work.
Parents are able to choose from one of the 50 hub schools in Liverpool that they would like their child to attend. The staff at St Charles have been redeployed to Banks Road Primary School, Garston L19 8JZ
In these difficult times we need to look after each other. Please stay safe.
If you need help or advice please email and we will aim to reply back to you as soon as possible. Take care
Mrs Rebecca Dean