Our Mission at St Charles’ Catholic Primary School is to…



  • To love, respect and forgive as Jesus taught us
  • To inspire, nurture and celebrate the unique talents of everyone
  • To gather, share and value all in our community with an open heart


  • To live as Jesus taught us, as a loving school community where all love God and one another, demonstrated through:
  • Collective Worship, prayer, assemblies and RE celebrations which show everyone as equal
  • The parish and school working hand-in-hand
  • The needs of learners being recognised, accepted and supported
  • Good behaviour being expected of all members of the school community, where conflicts are resolved and forgiveness shown
  • Everyone being accepted and respected as unique individuals, made in the image and likeness of God


  • To instil a love of learning in a caring, Catholic environment which enables all to develop to their full potential, through:
  • High expectations of all
  • A broad and rich curriculum which meets the needs of all learners
  • All knowing how to improve
  • Hard work and achievement being celebrated
  • Monitoring of progress and learning
  • A stimulating, safe and happy environment


  • To enable all to grow as individuals, through:
  • Growing friendships, reaching out to new members of our community, being inclusive and welcoming to all
  • Developing links with the parish and local communities, helping those less fortunate than ourselves in charity work
  • Looking after God’s world and everyone in it, equally
  • Preparing for future challenges by teaching and learning life skills, including self-responsibility, and an understanding of choices and consequences
  • Taking on responsibilities in school as prefects, School Councillors and  buddies, and learning about responsibility and leadership,