Curriculum Rationale and Aims

        Our EYFS Curriculum for Nursery and Reception is currently being reviewed and will be updated later in the year

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Curriculum Rationale

The mission statement of St Charles’ Catholic Primary School is ‘To Love, Learn and Grow Together’ and it underpins our curriculum and our wider school ethos. We have developed a child centred curriculum which inspires and enables all our children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability. Our broad and balanced, supportive curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, with inspiring and stimulating cross curricular links endeavours to motivate our children to learn and aim high. Our curriculum provides a range of opportunities and experiences to allow out children to grow and develop academically, physically, socially and morally whilst celebrating diversity in all its forms and educating our children about both the British and human values which is the mission of our school – ‘To Love, Learn and Grow Together’.

Curriculum Aims

It is our aim that our curriculum is:

  • Broad and covers the whole range of the subjects of the National Curriculum
  • Balanced in terms of giving appropriate focus to core areas of learning, but also sufficient time to all other areas to enable the children to fully develop the required skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Progressive so that children accumulate knowledge and skills through the school
  • Enriched by activities that are fun, motivating and memorable and include trips, visits and visitors that provide expertise and opportunities beyond those available within the school.
  • Inclusive so that all children have their needs met
  • Underpinned by our Christian values and ethos, educating our children in the Catholic faith, encouraging our pupils to live and act according to the gospel values.

This is our Curriculum Map for Year 1 to Year 6 for 2022-2023

Curriculum LTP 2022-2023

This is our Enrichment Curriculum map of recommended trips, visits and visitors for Year 1 to Year 6 2022-2023

Curriculum Enrichment LTP 2022-2023