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We recognise the importance of ICT and Computing as a lifelong learning tool at St Charles’ Primary School and our aim is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability. Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners and it is our intention that children have every opportunity available to allow them to achieve this. It is because of this, we want to model to our pupils how to use the technology in a positive, safe and responsible manner.

Computing is taught in a variety of ways; where necessary, specific ICT skills are taught in discrete lessons; however, teaching also takes place using a cross-curricular approach. This allows children to transfer computing knowledge and skills and use technology for a real purpose. We endeavour to enrich our pupils’ experience of Computing to be one that is positive and enduring; so that it feeds their future passions.

Learning can be reflected upon through floor books for KS1 and exercise books for KS2.



At St Charles’ Catholic Primary School, our Computing curriculum is centred around the main strands of computing: Digital Literacy, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Information Beyond Technology. Our Computing curriculum has been designed and built to ensure that skills, learning and knowledge are repeated and extended upon so that pupils progress to a high standard. Skills being revisited and developed over the course of years at our school ensure that they progressively deepen their learning and provide a further challenge. We use the MGL curriculum at our school as a basis for planning and delivering lessons. The curriculum allows a love for the subject within pupils, the school, and our community to grow: the curriculum creates an excitement and a longing for each lesson.

Our partnership with Computing specialists, MGL, enables our children to access new and ground-breaking technologies that they would usually not experience within a standard primary school. The growing level of in-house knowledge and the support of specialist MGL staff provides ongoing CPD for staff. Computing lessons take place weekly, ensuring computing is given sufficient time and so that learning can become embedded and enriched. We believe that by crafting our curriculum in this way improves the potential for children who attend our school to retain what they have been taught, build and progress in their abilities, and take it with them into all future endeavour.

Medium term plan



Our children enjoy and value Computing and know why they are doing things, not just how. Children will understand and appreciate the value of Computing in the context of their personal wellbeing and the technological, creative and cultural industries and their many career opportunities.

We encourage the pupils in our school to enjoy, value and show natural eagerness for the curriculum that we deliver. Our children understand the importance of asking questions and showing intrigue in learning, as well as the journey to achieve the objective. Our learners discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact of an effective education and healthy digital lifestyle. The way that we implement computing across our whole school curriculum helps children to realise the need of the right balance and one they can continue to build on in the next stages of education and beyond into future life. The Computing skills learned at our school will be life-long. Regular discussions between staff and pupils are used to embed learning and knowledge. The way pupils’ work is showcased and celebrated shows the impact of our curriculum. Pupils are able to reflect on their learning and develop their skills within Computing through use of evidenced floor books for KS1 and exercise books for KS2 to track the progression of their skills throughout every year at our school.

Computing 2024-2026

E-Safety Policy 2024-2026