Brilliant Birch (Red)     Excellent Elm (Blue)     Fabulous Fir (Green)     Outstanding Oak (Yellow)

This year all the children have been put into house teams. This enables the children to benefit from being members of team, giving them a strong sense of responsibility and belonging; it helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each other and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

There are four houses children from all year groups. We have chosen the following names for our teams; Brilliant Birch (Red), Excellent Elm (Blue),  Fabulous Fir (Green) and Outstanding Oak (Yellow). Each house has a captain from Year 6, children put themselves forward and are elected by the members of their house at the beginning of each academic year.

Staff are also allocated to a house. There is a house point system with a cup awarded at the end of each half term. It is also used on Sports Day. House points are awarded for various reasons including achievements and good behaviour throughout the school day. Any member of staff can award house points.

House points are recorded on a classroom chart. At the end of each week, the captain collect the points for their team and the points are totalled throughout the term. During the end of term assembly, the results are announced and the team with the most points gets the cup, with their ribbon, for the following term.