Come and See and To Know You More Clearly



Religious Education at St Charles’ Catholic Primary School follows the Archdiocese of Liverpool programme “Come and See”.  Each year group from Year One to Year Six covers three topics each per term which link to a whole school theme. In additional to this, the children learn about other faiths and religions throughout the year. 
At the end of each Come and See topic each class will celebrate Collective Worship which is used as an opportunity for the children to share their learning in Come and See with the rest of their class school, their family and their  school community.
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Come and See Curriculum
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From September 2023, to fulfil our aims and objectives we will use the ‘To Know You More Clearly’ programme from the new Religious Education Directory prescribed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. This programme is currently optional but will be compulsory for all year groups from September 2025. We have chosen to start the programme as it is rolled out by the Archdiocese of Liverpool for each year group.

The dates for the role out of the new RED Curriculum are as follows: Autumn 2023 EYFS, Spring 2024 year One, Summer 2024 Year 2, 2024-2025 KS2

 Overview of Content – Concepts

 The ‘To Know You More Clearly’ Programme

 Ways of Knowing 

Ways of Knowing
Understand Discern Respond
See Judge Act
What will I see and hear to help me understand? How will I discover more? What can I do now?

Branches and Lenses

There are six branches in ‘To know You More Clearly’ – one per half term. The branches are:

  1. Creation and Covenant
  2. Prophecy and Promise
  3. From Galilee to Jerusalem
  4. From Desert to Garden
  5. To the Ends of the Earth
  6. Dialogue and Encounter

Each branch follows:

  • Here
  • Believe
  • Celebrate
  • Live

At the end of each branch and lenses the children will:

  • Understand
  • Discern
  • Respond

RED – To Know You More Clearly Curriculum – Whole School