School Council

School Council 2021-22

The pupils in each class from Year One to Year Six have elected two councillors to represent them this year. 

This is our School Council 2021-22:

Year 1:  Albion and Bella

Year 2:  Milly and Oliver

Year 3: Ava and Eli

Year 4: Charlie and Sienna

Year 5: Joseph and Poppy

Year 6: Freya and Liam


Congratulations to all of them and well done to them for putting themselves forward for this responsible task.

UK Parliament Week 2021

We took part in the DEMOCRA-TREE challenge which was a fun activity and way of engaging with UK Parliament. The children watered our democra-tree by ticking off several challenges from the UK Parliament checklist. These activities included: communicating with our local MP, planting chilli seeds (representing sowing the seeds of democracy) and learning about UK Parliament.

To celebrate UK Parliament Week 1-7 November our councillors had a meeting to generate a list of questions they would like to find out about parliament and members of parliament. We emailed our local MP, Kim Johnson, who responded to each and every question asked by our children. Kim praised the councillors on the intelligence of the questions asked.

Mrs Parry took our four Key Stage 1 councillors to plant chilli seeds provided in our UK Parliament Week kit. The children had lots of fun doing this in our outdoor space, this was a unique way for our children to think about their relationship with democracy and how they can make change happen on the issues they care about.