What is it?

It’s about many things – all of them fun!


How do we use Maths and number in our everyday lives?

  • Money
  • Shopping
  • Phone numbers
  • Measuring – grams or kilograms in ingredients for recipes, miles for distance travelled,
  • Time – setting an alarm, bus/train timetables, TV programmes
  • Temperature


What else?

  • How do you use Maths in your everyday life? Let us know.


What are we doing?

In school, we are keeping track of class attendance and swapping the percentage attendance, at the end of the week, for an amount of money. Those are totalled each Friday of each half term. The class with the highest total will be given their amount of money to spend on whatever the class chooses.

Here’s an example: a weekly class attendance figure of 97.3% will be swapped for £9.73. So far, the battle is very close. It was Year 2 in Autumn 2, and then Year 5 in Spring 1, Let’s keep going and have an exciting race to the end of term.

Elsewhere we are looking at Maths linked to our school and its history. St Charles’ school is 120 years old – so we have a lot of history! Look out for plenty of fascinating Maths facts.

There’s a whole lot of Maths opportunities planned this year. Look at our Maths calendar here.


What can our parents do?

Make Maths fun at home. Find Maths in everything – time, money, distance, measures – anything you can think of.

Have a look at some videos of fun Maths games and activities to do with your children, by clicking here. Let us know what you think.