Autumn – Emailing and Programming Scratch


The children will learn to email with attachments and will also find out about cyberbullying.


Programming Scratch:

The children will learn to use programming apps

Spring – Journey inside a computer and Network

Journey inside a computer:

The children will learn about Inputs and Outputs and their purpose.


The children will learn about Sharing Information and the Internet.


Summer – Digital Literacy and Top Trumps Databases

Digital Literacy:

The children will create book trailers.

Top Tumps Databases:

The children will develop an understanding of databases and using them.

Skills showcase

This cross-curricular topic offers pupils the opportunity to consolidate their learning across multiple areas of Computing. Designing a product, pupils: evaluate, adapt and debug code to make it suitable and efficient for their needs; use a software program to design their products and then create their own websites and video adverts to promote their inventions

  • Invention Design – Pupils choose an electronic product to design and then use and adapt existing code to achieve the desired result
  • Coding and Debugging – Following on from the previous lesson, pupils continue coding their programs, making them more efficient and incorporating structures such as sequencing, selection, repetition, variables, inputs and outputs
  • TinkerCAD – Pupils use the software TinkerCAD to design the housing of their product, giving consideration to the inputs and outputs their product requires
  • My Product’s Website – Pupils create a website for their product aimed at their target audience, using persuasive language to describe what their product is and does
  • Video Advert – Pupils create video adverts for their products which can be linked into their websites