Autumn Term 

Looping and Remixing – Dance Music

In this engaging topic, children learn about how dance music is created, focusing particularly on the use of loops, and learn how to play a well known song before putting a dance music spin on it to create their own versions.

Musical Theatre – Singing, Acting and Dancing

In this topic, children are introduced to musical theatre, learning how singing, acting and dancing can be combined to give an overall performance, as well as exploring how music can be used to tell a story, learning about performance aspects as they use songs to convey emotions.

Spring Term

Composition to Represent the Festival of Colour Holi festival

Holi, the Hindu festival of colour, celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Celebrations include throwing and smearing each other with vibrant, multi-coloured paints and powders and children explore the associations between music, sounds and colour building up to composing and performing their own musical composition to represent Holi.

Samba and Carnival Sounds and Instruments South America

Getting a feel for the music and culture of South America, children are introduced to samba and the sights and sounds of the carnival. They start by familiarising themselves with traditional sounds and instruments, before learning about syncopated rhythms and then composing their own samba breaks in groups, which are built into a final performance.

Summer Term

In Summer Term music will be taught by our specialist music teacher Ms McVey.