History & Geography

Autumn Term 

The Maya Civilisation

The children will find out about where and when the remains of the Mayan civilisation was discovered and how the society developed over time. They will study the city states and how society was organised. The children will research religion and beliefs, everyday life, calendars and writings and finally the decline of the civilisation. 


Trade and Distribution

This half term, the children find out about how goods and services are traded around the world. They will explore the UK’s trade links today and in the past, finding out about goods imported and exported and the methods of transport used. Through a more detailed look at one of the UK’s trade partners, the children will learn about the benefits of trading internationally, as well as the risks to this area. The children will also learn about fair trade and why it is important in a global market.


Spring Term

The Victorians

In this topic we will be finding out who Queen Victoria was, investigating her life and family tree. Exploring the impact that the Industrial Revolution had on the people of Britain. Discover what was invented during the Victorian era. Investigating what public health and medical care were like during the Victorian era and examining and comparing different leisure activities of rich and poor Victorian people.

Local Area

The children will identify and describe key geographical features of the United Kingdom. Identify and locate the counties of the UK. Locate and identify towns and cities in the UK. Find out about the hills, mountains, seas and coasts of the UK.  

Summer Term

The Atlantic Slave Trade and it’s link to local history through the port of Liverpool 

We will be exploring the Migration of slaves from South to North America. The slave triangle between Africa, Britain and The United States of America. Transportation of slave including The Atlantic Passage,  life conditions of a slave and the abolition of slavery. We will hopefully visit the Slavery Museum in Liverpool.