Autumn Term

Online Safety

This topic covers some serious themes to help develop pupils’ understanding of the importance of staying safe online, with children writing, designing, filming and editing stop motion animations for younger children to educate them about the potential dangers. 


This topic highlights the meaning and purpose of programming. Pupils create algorithms and programs that are used in the real world. They predict, test and evaluate to create and debug programs with specific aims: a simple animation, a polling program, pedometer and scoreboard.

Spring Term

Sonic Pi

Engaging, purposeful and fun, this topic has everything you need to captivate your pupils and get them addicted to coding. Through Sonic Pi, children can combine their knowledge of music and related terminology, with their formidable programming skills to create different sounds, beats and melodies which are put to the test with a live Battle of the Bands performance!

Search Engines

To learn independently, children need to be able to find relevant and accurate information quickly. This topic teaches pupils how to use key words and phrases, to identify inaccurate information, how pagerank works as well as how to credit their sources appropriately.

Summer Term

Mars Rover 1

In this topic children will learn about the automated motor vehicle, Mars Rover, exploring how and why the Mars Rover transfers data, understanding how messages can be sent using binary code and experiencing how to; programme a Mars Rover, calculate binary addition and represent binary as text.

Mars Rover 2

Exploring how the Mars rover moves, follows instructions, collects and sends data. Children deepen their understanding of how computers work, what data is and how it is transferred as well as developing their 3D design skills. They also examine one of the most useful types of data received from the rover – images- and learn how to reduce the file size so that it can be sent quickly.